OBC Homebrewers Cup

The OBC Homebrewer's Cup Competition is the battleground of brewing excellence for our club. This is an annual members-only competition to establish the club's most awe-inspiring and prolific homebrewer of the year. The Homebrewer's Cup is intended to recognize participation and achievements in homebrewing competitions.

The winner of this prestigious award, which is announced at the club's holiday party each year, is determined by a point system as described below. The member who attains the most points during the year will be deemed the champion and take home the OBC Homebrewer's Cup. Let the games begin!

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Club name MUST be displayed as "Oregon Brew Crew" (not OBC)

Previous Winners

2023 - Rodney Kibzey

2022 - Chuck Macaluso

2021 - Chuck Macaluso

2019 - Chuck Macaluso

2018 - Jake Freshour

2017 - Chuck Macaluso

2016 - Chuck Macaluso

2015 - Chuck Macaluso & Rodney Kibzey (Tie)

2014 - Chuck Macaluso

2013 - Chuck Macaluso

2012 - Josh Huerta

2011 - Mark Easton

Competition Details and Rules (PLEASE READ)

  1. Points are earned annually for medals/places won in qualifying competitions.

  2. Qualifying competitions will consist of any Traditional Competition (defined as an AHA/BJCP sanctioned competition OR any competition with more than 100 entries).

    • Special competitions may be considered for limited style, non-traditional, or Pro-Am type competitions. These point awards are at the discretion of the OBC Competition Chair, per competition.
    • Generally, large non-traditional competitions with a few winners (such as Collaborator), will be accepted and will be scored with points equivalent to a win in the Best of Show of a traditional competition (ref 4.2.)
    • Regular club Style Competition Program Competitions are not considered qualifying competitions for placement, however participants are eligible to claim one point for participation (ref 4.5.)
    • Results of the competition MUST be posted online (Facebook is allowed) and each winning entry must be displayed along with your Full Name and "Oregon Brew Crew" as the club (not OBC)
  3. Entrants must identify themselves as Oregon Brew Crew members when entering their beer in all competitions. Entrants are solely responsible for submitting their own points to the club. The deadline for submitting points is November 30th of each year. If you've entered a competition whose results are announced after the deadline, those points will be allowed in the following year's competition.


  4. The point schedule is as follows:


    1. Traditional Competitions (first round), including NHC first round, per sub-category, and "People's Choice" or popular vote style competitions:

      9 points for 1st Place;

      6 points for 2nd Place; and

      3 points for 3rd Place.


    2. Traditional Competition “Best of Show” (second round), or large regional competitions such as Widmer Collaborator or Breakside ProAM:

      20 points for 1st Place (or being selected in Collaborator type competitions);

      15 points for 2nd Place; and

      10 points for 3rd Place.


    3. NHC Final Round or large national competitions such as Samuel Adams Longshot:

      75 points for 1st Place;

      65 points for 2nd Place;

      50 points for 3rd Place; and

      50 points for any NHC Best of Show or Ninkasi Award.


    4. Annual Multiple Category Bonus (BJCP 2015 Styles Only): 

      15 bonus points for winning medals in five different beer, cider or mead sub-categories (annually); and

      4 points for each additional sub-category thereafter (annually). Does not apply to "People's Choice/Popular Vote" competitions.


    5. Entry Bonus:

      1 point for each entry into a qualifying competition (in addition to winning points)


      Additional Notes:


      - Members are responsible for reporting their own points.

      - OBC Board Members are eligible for the Homebrewer's Cup.

      - Raffle tickets for the holiday party will be awarded to all members who submit Cup points. Members will receive one raffle ticket for every ten Cup points submitted.