Team Brewing

What is this whole thing all about?

Many of you told us that you are not currently brewing because you don't have space or equipment, or don't have anyone to brew with, or still need to learn more about homebrewing. Together, we can solve this problem! The club is looking to help team up groups of 3 or 4 people who can brew together, and submit their beer for our new style focus/tasting meetings, building on the success of our California Common tasting a few months ago. 

There will be four of these meetings next year, beginning with Tropical Stout in February. We are hoping to get 4 or 5 small teams to submit beers and talk to the membership about their recipe, brewday and answer any questions during the tasting. The club will provide or reimburse part of the ingredients as long as a minimum of 2 gallons are brought to the meeting. Your team can share the rest, or submit to competition for more feedback! Individual brewers are still welcome to contribute entries for the tastings, but because of the importance of this program, team beers will get preferential treatment.

Please read the instructions carefully...

STEP 1 - If you would like to join the overall program, please "register" using this green button/google form. This is just so we have your name on the participant list for scoring and future email outreach. YOU ONLY NEED TO DO THIS ONCE

Click here to become a Team Brewing member or host 

STEP 2 - Once registered, if you wish to participate in a group Brewday, click on the "Team" name below to be taken to that event where you can select a "ticket" if there are any remaining. You can also find a list of all these events on the Events page of this website.

Round 2 - Belgian Pale Ale

Complete Team Rosters are published/updated in Discord #team-rosters channel

Current Standings

Name Score
Jason Barker 25
John Boitano 18
Ian Romanick 18
Rick Ivie 15
Kim Ivie 15
John Koger 15
Corrie Heath 15
Michael Fasulo 12
Jeremie Landers 12
Gary Schmirler 12
Corey Oravetz 12
Gary Rischitelli 10
Andy Adamczak 10
Nico Casarez 5
Nick Townsend 5
Jim Peterson 5
Glenn Frederick 5